2016 Print
Squat! Birth Journal, Quiet Solace, April

2015 Online
Dark Matter: Women Witnessing, Dreaming the Future, December

2015 Print
saltfront, Soil Moon, Winter Issue

2014 Online
My Nearest and Dearest, 20 Amazing Outdoor Music Stations, June 16

2014 Print
Natural Child Magazine, Thumbsucker, November/December Issue
Kindred, Pieces Gathered, January

2013 Online
Eeboo Blog, I Never Forget a Face, July 12
Learn With Play At Home, 10 Quiet Activities for Kids, October 15
Handmade Charlotte, Drawing & Painting Without Pencils & Paint, October 9
One Perfect Day, 10 Hands On Explorations for Kids, September 17
Parent/Teacher Daily, Trans: A Montessori Game for Toddlers, August 7
Circle of Moms, Recipe of the Day, July 8
Rhythm of the Home, Music Banner, February 27
Bamboo Magazine, Kombucha: The Tea of Immortality, February 9

2012 Online
Rhythm of the Home, Mason Jar Snow Globe, November 28
One Pretty Thing, Daily DIY, October 15
Prudent Baby, DIY Etch-a-Sketch, October 9
The Crafty Crow, Drawing in Wool, October 4
Apartment Therapy, DIY Yarn Etch-A-Sketch, September 13
Rhythm of the Home, Knitted Harvest Flower Vase, September 5
Kim's Counseling Corner, Unique, Inexpensive, DIY Play Room Ideas, August 20
Apartment Therapy, Make a Simple Rice Table, August 16
KidsOMania, 20 Cool DIY Play Tables, August 12
Blogcritics, Writer of the Week, July 16-22
The Crafty Crow, Rice Play Table Tutorial, July 20
Little Homestead in the Desert, In Her Shoes (Interview), June 23
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SunnyDayTodayMama, All Year Round Spring Carnival, May 13
Skinny Scoop, Top 25 Green Blogs
Rhythm of the Home, Welcome Spring Wreath, March 1
Rhythm of the Home, Celebration Bunting, March 1

2012 Print
Frugally Delicious Cookbook, Not-Too-Spicy Green Pea CurryApril 25

2011 Online
Rhythm of the Home, Solstice Luminaries, December 1
One Pretty Thing, Weekend Roundup, September 11
Circle of Moms, Top 25 Family Blogs
Crunchy Domestic GoddessPortrait of a Homebirthing Couple, June 28

2010 Online
The Green Phone BoothTo Grandmother's House We (Don't) Go, November 29

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