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With weather being less than ideal, it's been a flurry of work around here. Here's a peek at what we've been up to...

We introduced the cards and counters. Not only does this work reinforce the link between quantities and their symbols, it is a beautiful and hands-on way to discover the difference between odd and even numbers. 

We repeated the experience with number tiles from the red and blue rods and points from Spielgaben. We've been reading a few odd and even books as well. Odd Todd and Even Steven has become a favorite for both kids. Silas wants to read it daily and it's a regular occurrence for Theda to run around shouting "Odd Todd!" We've also checked out One Odd Day and My Even Day, both by the same author. I prefer Odd Todd, but Silas is really taken with them.

I always assume that worksheets don't really fit in the picture of learning that I'm trying to create, but sometimes they can surprise me. Although I don't rely on them as part of our schooling, I'll occasionally print off some free printables to fill the empty slots in an afternoon or set them out for Silas to discover first thing in the morning. In the one above, coloring all the odd numbers in one color and the evens in another reveals a hidden picture. He had a wonderful a-ha moment while coloring it. He noticed immediately that it included the numbers 11 and 12 and he commented that we hadn't learned those yet. He then went on to figure out that 11 must be odd and 12 must be even because he knew that 10 was even and they go every other one.

Never one to be left out of the action, Theda loves to snatch Brother's pencils and markers. Sometimes the marks even make it on to the paper! This is her "stinker face" by the way, although she will deny it and say "No, stinker face!" if you try to claim that that is indeed what it is.

Introducing the Montessori materials on the late side of things, as we are, means that Silas blows through the works pretty quickly and rarely is interested in returning to them. So, I'm always looking for extension ideas. In this one, the red and blue rods are used for some patterning. He was not a huge fan. I might try to engage him with it once more, but then I'll probably just let it go.

We've also been spending a ton of time playing with pentagons, but there's enough there for a post of its own!

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