This morning... rushing to get out the door in time to take one of the kitties to the vet. An 8:15 appointment with my two early risers seemed perfectly reasonable at the time of scheduling, but after a middle-of-the-night waking that disrupted us all, we woke with just enough time to get dressed, eat a banana, and head out the door. A real breakfast was had upon our return home, which was followed by a walk. Our neighbors have backyard chickens and little Theda adores visiting them. Every morning she looks earnestly at me and asks, "bok boks?" When I respond in the affirmative, she spins in a circle and breathlessly says, "Happy!"

This afternoon... Silas rides his scooter back and forth, back and forth on the sidewalk in front of our house, choosing it more often than not these days over his bicycle with the training wheels so recently removed. Zooming down the hill and pausing at the bottom to inspect the many holes in the gnarled trunk of the giant, ancient Catalpa. It is a tree full of stories, I'm sure. I can see why he's drawn to it. Only officially a walker for the past two weeks, Theda clings to the backs of my knees when she wants to make a request. If not "up" or "hop," then it's "book." A million times yes, my love. 

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  1. This picture just tugs at my heart! I love that little girl!!!