Artist Study: Matisse

"I don't paint things. I only paint the difference between things."  - Henri Matisse

The second artist that we learned about in our Charlotte Mason-inspired artist study is Henri Matisse. This was a fun one! Matisse's works are so full of color and are so playful; Silas really enjoyed being surrounded by them. 

Much like Monet, there are so many great picture books about this artist. Our favorites were: Matisse's Garden, Henri's Scissors, The Iridescence of Birds, Matisse the King of Color, Colorful Dreamer, Henri Matisse, and Oooh! Matisse.

As before, we just checked out prints from the library to hang on our art wall and read books about the artist to immerse ourselves in his work. Our local art museum does have a Matisse in its collection, which we plan to go see soon. As I plan our artist studies, I'm trying to let what is available to us locally guide my choices. I think it's really important to see these works in person.

YouTube is such a great source to enrich these studies, even though it wasn't the first thing that popped into my mind when searching for resources. We enjoyed this video of Matisse drawing and speaking about his work as well as this video of Matisse creating a paper cut work.

To bring it all together, we created art "like Matisse." I asked Silas what he thought it would mean to do that. He said that he most liked the papercut works that Matisse did late in life, so that was our inspiration. I gathered a big stack of paint chips to cut shapes out of, which were then glued to a watercolor background that Silas painted.

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