One (Plus a couple months)

Dear, sweet, Theda,

You truly are a second-born child. There was no costume for your first Halloween, there are far fewer photos of your first year on Earth, your mama-made birthday crown came weeks after we celebrated your first birthday, and this post to celebrate your birth comes two months late. We are just lucky that you are so sweet and good-natured. I'm sure you're too busy laughing to even notice.

You have said "mama" for a very long time, but "mom" has recently emerged and you say it almost constantly, which is about how often you would like to be in my arms. How could I resist, though, when you say "mom" with an exaggerated lip smack and then lay your head on my shoulder and squeeze me with the entirety of your being?

The list of things that you adore is long, but the top of the list, without a doubt, is your Big Brother. The two of you screech at each other in a language shared by the two of you alone and that is barely tolerable by your parents, but that has you both in fits of laughter. The adoration is returned...your brother is quite certain that the sun rises and sets with you. He treats you with such gentleness and kindness, reads you your favorite books over and over, and explains the ways of the world to you.

You love to make people laugh and are very good at it. Just before doing something silly you make sure to pause and cast a sideways glance to make sure that everyone is watching. You have an explosive temper and try to bite anyone who displeases you. Luckily, your anger burns out just as quickly as it flares up and you return to smiles quite easily.

I never worry, as I did with your brother, whether you are getting enough to eat. You attack your food with as much zeal as you do everything else. Your favorites are eggs, chicken, Parmesan cheese, pasta, and sausage. Notice there are no fruits or vegetables on that list. Despite all of my efforts, you have no time for them, with the exception of an occasional roasted sweet potato.

My dear Theda, you have helped me to heal wounds that I didn't even know I had, teaching me again that I am strong, I am capable, and I well-equipped to mother my children.

Happy Birthday my sweet little girl. I can't wait to continue to learn about the person you are becoming and to be in on the joke with you.


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  1. what a wonderful letter you have written to her! she will cherish that in years to come. I never knew you felt ill-equipped to mother your children. You have been a shining light for five years, dear daughter! I just want you to know that YOU make me feel the same way that Theda makes YOU feel! love, mom