Birthday Bolero

I promised myself (and Steve) that I wouldn't buy any more knitting books. I rarely use them anyway as Ravelry is such an easy and useful resource. But this one called to me from the shelves of the resale shop at our library. Filled with such cuteness! I actually passed it over once, but then decided to purchase it (for a whole $2) on another visit after I realized that Theda needed a little cardi to keep her shoulders warm while wearing her birthday dress. I may not be able to sew in sleeves yet, but I can knit them!

The pattern is Debbie Bliss' Baby Bolero (Ravelry notes here) and I used a skein of MadelineTosh that I had purchased with the intent of making a Valentine's Day sweater that never made it on the needles. I've not used MT before (because, good heaven's it's expensive), but it is so dreamy to knit with and so very soft to wear. Theda and I are both fans. I shortened the sleeves because I was shy on yarn, but it worked out perfectly to wear during this very warm spring.

This patch of gravel, by the way, is her new favorite place to play. It's right outside our front door and she practically dives out of my arms, trying to get down to the coolness of the stones, whenever we are coming or going. She can sit there and kick her feet and pick up and put down rocks for as long as we're outside...usually watching Big Brother ride his bike on the sidewalk in front of the house. She's pretty good about not putting them in her mouth and whenever she tries to she does so very slowly and deliberately with a sideways glance in my direction, anticipating the "no, no, no" that is to come and laughing hysterically when it does. 

Joining Ginny.


  1. Oh dear, this is so adorable - can't stop smiling :-)
    And Happy Birthday!!

  2. Oh that whole outfit!!! She is adorable, as is your bolero! My little girls loved to play mostly in our gravel driveway at that age too. I guess they still do but now it's for mainly bike riding!

  3. The outfit is too cute, but your baby is even more adorable! She looks very happy : )

  4. So sweet. Your knitting is gorgeous and matches the dress so well.

  5. I love the dress and cardigan! So precious. Our daughter just turned one in April, and I had way too much fun making her birthday outfit. I sewed it, which was a first for me. I love the material you used on her dress. Very cute!