A Little Party Dress (or two)

I sewed up a couple little party dresses for Theda (because for her, every day is a party). The parade fabric was the inspiration for it all and my intent was to sew her a first birthday dress. I asked in my local sewing group for pattern suggestions with the parameters that the pattern had to be beginner-friendly, have a gathered waist with a sash, and no sleeves (eek! sleeves!). Because the ladies there are awesome, in no time I was directed towards the party dress by Mummykins and Me (which is free if you follow her FB page) and it was perfect. The instructions walked me through each step so it was super easy to sew and it's fully lined with finished seams, so it's comfy to wear.

I did a test run of the pattern using an old bed sheet (so soft!) for the main fabric and something from my stash for the accent. No joke, I bought this fabric six years ago in my very first fabric order ever. I have no idea what I intended to make with it, but I'm guessing I was thinking it would make a good skirt as I bought three yards. Who knows?

I think she is in dire need of some bonnets to go with them.

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