A Gift From Big Brother

Over the weekend Silas and I made this fabric strip mobile as a gift for the baby. Silk scarves are one thing that I always pick up when I stumble across them at the thrift store and while this blue and white one was lovely, it started to shred the very first time that Silas tried to play with it. So, we helped it along its way and tore it into strips. We added an old silk tank top of mine and some scraps of silk ties left over from last year's Easter decorating. After looping the strips over an embroidery hoop we had an easy mobile to hang over the baby's diaper changing area. 

Silas takes his role as Big Brother very seriously and this baby is very much already a reality for him. He adores giving "her" (we do not know the gender, but he remains quite certain that it is a girl) kisses at all times of the day as well as a daily morning zerbert to "make her laugh." He's so eager to be helpful and he can't wait to show her the gift that he made. Love.


  1. Aww that's so sweet - what a lucky little girl or boy to have such a dedicated big brother. It's a great mobile too, the baby is going to love watching it all sway in the breeze :)

  2. So sweet-- He will be a great big brother-- I can't wait to see this new arrival either!!