An Apron for the Chef

For Christmas this year, we gifted Silas with a wooden kitchen. And what kitchen would be complete without a little mama-embellished chef's apron to go with it?

He's actually had a play kitchen since he was 18 months old, the white one that is on the left, which we love dearly. My grandfather built it in the 40s for my mother and her siblings to play with and it lived on the porch of my childhood home for the duration of my youth. Silas is the latest in the line of children who have had the privilege of mixing up all sorts of concoctions on its counter. But, it's more of a pantry, really, lacking a stove, oven, and sink. Silas was more than happy to make do, of course, clearing all the books off a shelf when he needed an oven or stuffing all the dishes in between the couch cushions when he needed a sink. This mama, however, was ready for all the kitchen goodness to be a bit more contained. So, we took the plunge and ordered a proper kitchen. With the cabinet to the right (which used to be home to all my poetry books) as a refrigerator, I'd say we're pretty set as far as kitchens go.

The apron is one that I dug out of what's left of my childhood dress-up box. I honestly don't ever remember wearing it. I have a vague memory of my mom buying it for some specific purpose (a play of some sort, perhaps?), but I'm not exactly sure what. It's still a tad too big for Silas, but I figured he might as well have it now rather than later. The embroidery was so much fun to work on as I sat on the couch next to Steve in the evenings; it came together in just a handful of nights.

I had visions of making a bunch of felt food to go in the kitchen as well, but that didn't come to fruition, which is probably just as well. He has plenty of play food and the less there is, the less there is for us to pick up at the end of the day. I did have a few things tucked away that I received in a crafting swap last summer and a few others that I had picked up at the thrift store over the past year, so there was a bit of "new" there. The surprise favorite? A handful of blueberries. They're just some wooden beads stained blue, but we have "eaten" many, many blueberry creations over the past couple weeks.


  1. Oh that's such a sweet little apron - and perfect to go with a gorgeous kitchen. It's funny what becomes the most popular isn't it - we've got a good handful of play food for our kitchen but the most popular at the moment - the conkers that we collected in the autumn which make an almost daily appearance in some sort of soup!

  2. such a sweet apron (and a cute chef too!)

  3. That is such a sweet little apron. My daughter got a beautiful apron from her grammie this year. Many handfuls of flour and greasy hands have made it a well worn kitchen "tool" already. :-)