A Hat to Shovel Snow In

Every morning, as soon as he gets up, Silas peeks out the living room window curtains with the hopes that he will see a new layer of snow on the sidewalk and driveway. If he likes what he sees, I hear, from the bed in the next room, a sweet little voice singing "it snowed last night". This past weekend, we were lucky enough to get a bit of a dusting, prompting an eager plea for daddy to lead a snow shoveling expedition. It was also an opportunity for Steve to break in the very warm "Christmas hat" that I knit for him this year.

The pattern that he chose is called Hacker Cracker and I was a bit surprised when he pointed it out to me, to be honest. I never would have chosen this hat for him; it just doesn't strike me as his style. But, I cast it on for him regardless and it went so quickly that I decided to do a matching scarf as well. It's definitely a bit oversized and I found the decreases to be a bit clumsy-looking, but it absolutely serves its purpose. He's dubbed it his "snow shoveling" hat.

Joining Ginny.


  1. Looks great, definitely warm. I love all your snow.

  2. Great hat! Isn't it funny how our loved ones surprise us sometimes? My hubby picked out a scarf pattern that I never would have though of for him recently.

    I'd love to have you share your projects at my Yarn Fanatic Party! http://philwife.blogspot.com/2015/01/yarn-fanatic-party-21-happily-hooked.html

  3. It's been ages! (Totally my fault) Everyone looks so wonderful! I can't believe how much Silas has grown! Great knittig! Take care!!