The winter that I was pregnant with Silas there was a Great Horned Owl that visited us every morning. On days that Steve and I were gone to work, we'd catch sight of him as he took flight from our roof as we pulled into our driveway. On the weekends, we'd see him in the morning, perched in the same tree, looking over at us, and we'd drink our coffee together. We wondered what he was doing out and about during the day, but were grateful for his company. One Saturday morning, he swooped down, caught a snake, flew away and we never saw him again. Birds of Prey, in general, hold special significance for me, and this encounter in particular seemed very meaningful. I held onto that image as that pregnancy came to a close and I gave birth to our little boy.

I had intended to knit this Owlie sleep sack and hat for Silas. The pattern was printed and placed in the ambitious stack of things I wanted make for my little one, but it never came to fruition. Early this fall, heavy with a new pregnancy, I rested in the rocking chair one morning while Silas got ready for the day. We heard a riot of crows outside, worrying over something. I told Silas to go to the window to see what the fuss was about. He did and looked for awhile.

"I see an owl!" he said.

"Oh?" I replied, skeptical that that was what he was really seeing, assuming that it was just a clump of leaves in a distant tree or something like that. But, sure enough, when I ambled over to the window to see for myself, there in a very close tree, looking at us, was an owl.

"It's a Great Horned Owl!" he breathlessly said. And again, he was right.

We laid on the bed together and looked out the window at this big, beautiful bird of prey. He looked back at us. We watched each other all morning. I told Silas the story of the Great Horned Owl that had visited us when he was living in my belly.

"I think this must be that owl's baby. He hatched and he grew up and then he came to visit us," he explained to me.

And so I knew that I finally had to make this little owl-embellished set. It's all ready for plenty of newborn snuggles and filled, I believe, with the protective power of our owl friends.

Joining Ginny.


  1. Hopping over from Ginny's Yarn Along...I love the owl pattern! I have a teen, tiny sweater that belonged to my husband when he was an infant, and it has those same little owls marching across the front of it. I am now working on a stash of baby things for my future grandchildren, and will be making little owl sweaters and hats!

  2. Oh, so sweet! That beautiful colorway really compliments your chosen pattern. Owls are always welcome visitors here, too. So magestic.

  3. I love the pattern - and most especially I love your story

  4. Oh what a lovely reason to knit owls! The pattern itself is really reason enough because your set is stunning, but it's lovely to think of a new baby snuggling into it with the memory of the visiting owls :)

  5. Love the colour, and such a sweet story.

  6. I, too, posted about an owl encounter for this yarn-along! Such special moments! http://greedyforwool.blogspot.com/2014/12/squirrel.html

  7. they are beautiful! I have some of the owl patterns saved on ravelry but haven't knit them yet.

  8. This story is the making of a sweet children's book!
    Years ago, when my children were babies-we had a Barred Owl that sat in the large maple tree outside our window. He kept watch on his perch for about 2 weeks before leaving.
    Now-I want to see the baby inside that little snuggle sack! :)

  9. That is just so precious... Such a heart-tugging story too. Love art with a story...