A May Day Weekend

This past weekend was very full, indeed. A little bit of travel for a May Day celebration and the rest of the time spent the three of us working and playing outside. 

This was our first trip to Maifest in Amana. We made it there just in time to miss the parade ("look a circus horse, Mommy!" spied as it pulled up the rear of the procession), but were able to see some lovely May Pole dancing. We've been reading May Day by Chandler and On the Morn of Mayfest by Silverman, so the idea of this celebration wasn't completely foreign to the little one.

The crowd was, luckily, fairly small so we were able to stand right up front and had a great view of the dancing. My mom has a special affinity for polkas, so I'm no stranger to a little Oompah music. I kept any dancing that I might have felt compelled to do in check, though.

The Woolen Mill had several demonstrations going on, including a weaver and a spinner. The woman at the loom was kind enough to let Silas try his hand at operating the beater.

I told Steve I would like to have one of these blankets some day. He said, "Oh, that's nice. I'd like to have a Tesla." Somehow, these things are equivalent in his mind.

The automated loom was running in the back and Silas, true to his nature, started grooving and said it had "a good beat."

Just outside the Mill was a lady showing her sheep. I turned to Steve and asked, "Sheep?" And his response was far more positive than my request for the blanket.

Silas has been quite obsessed with picking dandelions. He calls out whenever he spots them growing (which is often) and insists on picking a handful if it's at all possible for him to do so.

"I'm getting in your picture!"

This was the first year that Silas was able to join in our yearly tradition of a strawberry rhubarb pie to kick off the spring/summer berry season. He was a fan.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Wow, that does sound like a very full weekend! I absolutely love folk festivals. And you are right, those blankets are gorgeous.