Marbled Eggs

After our Easter Egg Dying Party, we put a half dozen of our eggs back into their dye baths, and popped them into the refrigerator over night to see how much the colors would deepen with a longer soak. Before putting them into the dye, though, we cracked the shells a bit so that the dye could permeate into the egg itself, giving the white a marbled effect. We only gave them a couple gentle taps and the effect we got was pretty subtle. With some serious whacks I think you might get some more dramatic results.

This week we are reading Rechenka's Eggs by Polacco and The Birds' Gift by Kimmel. I love both of these books and Silas asks to read them several times each in a sitting. The stories are similar, though, both being folk tales about people who in some way save a bird from mortal danger who then repays the favor with a gift of beautifully decorated eggs. Rechenka's Eggs is probably the most age-appropriate of the two for preschoolers, simply because it's a bit shorter and a more straightforward story.

I'm loving all that we're doing, but good heavens, I'll be glad when we don't have to eat any more eggs.

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  1. fun! You know, the just made me realize how soon Easter is! I haven't even thought about dyeing eggs, but I will need to soon...