Exploring the Wind: Chimes

"Wind" really does offer lots of opportunities for exploration. After kites and pinwheels, which helped us to make the wind visible, we decided to make some chimes to give her a voice. There are so many examples of beautiful wind chimes that you can make. I thought about using old jewelry, silverware, ceramic pots...but I wanted to keep it simple and use things that were of Silas' world, not mine.

We found this really fantastic stick on one of our morning nature walks. It was just perfect, so that's where we started. Next, I pulled out a set of lacing beads that I found at the thrift store awhile back. With the little fingers doing the lacing and the big fingers doing the tying, a wind chime was born. It's a subtle song that it sings, but it's added a much-needed pop of color to our still-brown trees and the quiet clanking of wooden bead upon bead has become the background noise of our front yard play.

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