Coloring Easter Eggs, Naturally

This past Sunday, as cold rain drizzled out of the sky, some friends gathered with us at our home to color Easter eggs with our little ones. It was a truly fantastic morning of creativity, conversation, and play. And the kids had fun too.

I pre-made all the dye baths the night before and our process with the kids worked really well. I had six empty gallon jars into which we put our hard-boiled eggs. Then we poured the dye baths over them and let them sit for an hour while we played. When we fished them out, we found a rainbow.

From left to right in the bottom picture the dyes were onion skins, beets, red cabbage, red zinger tea, spinach, and turmeric. I just boiled each of the ingredients in around 2 quarts of water for 20 minutes, strained the liquid, let it cool, and then added 1 TBS. of white vinegar per cup of dye liquid. The quantities of the ingredients were: a quart jar packed with onion skins; one quart shredded beet; half a head of cabbage, shredded; 6 bags of tea; a large bunch of spinach; and 1/2 tsp. of turmeric - I would have used a tablespoon, but that was all that I had on hand.

Silas was pretty excited about seeing the transformation in the eggs, especially the more dramatic ones, like the orange. When we cracked some open the next day to eat, he marveled at the bowl of mixed color shells and said, "we should do a project with these! A project for Easter!" Be still my heart. 

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