Waldorf Art: Watercolor Salt Painting

Holidays, travel, and polar vortices have kept me from posting about our past two weeks of dabbling with an open-ended preschool winter curriculum, but I assure you that Silas makes sure that not a day goes by without us having Circle Time, doing a little yoga, and working on an activity.

We ended up doing our Snowflake Circle Time for two weeks, due to Christmas falling in the middle of one of them. This week we moved on to "Winter Animals," which has been a lot of fun for us both. Prior to that, though, we did our first dabbling in wet-on-wet watercolor painting as our open-ended snowflake art project. 

One day we'll invest in a beautiful Waldorf painting board and paint holders and brushes, but for now, we're just using what we have on hand. We soaked a sheet of watercolor paper in water, laid it out on a large plastic cutting board and used a sponge to gently wipe up the excess water. 

We only used two colors, blue and purple, and I taught Silas a little rhyme to remember to dip his brush in water to clean it before dipping it into the color. He wade big, sweeping strokes and seemed to enjoy puddling the paint up and watching it spread on the wet paper.

Then came the magical snowflake part. While the paint was still wet, he sprinkled on kosher salt "snow crystals."

We let it dry overnight and then, using a brush and his hands, he brushed off all the salt (he pretended he was a snowplow) and we were left with a beautiful, textured finish.

He wanted to use his paper, so we wrote the verse we're reading before dinner for the month of January on it and made it part of our centerpiece.

Silas is 2.75 years old.


  1. Beautiful! We love wet on wet and adding salt is always so much fun!

  2. I've done these before with children and I LOVE the way they turn out!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  3. I wanted to pop in and wish you the most happy of new years. I am looking forward to another year together and getting to watch as Silas grows.

    1. Thank you, dear Tracey. Happiest of New Years to you as well.

  4. What was the rhyme you taught him for dipping his brush?

  5. What a cool project! Looks like you both had fun and his painting turned out great!