Spontaneous Transferring

Silas has started playing a little game where he snatches various kitchen items that are drying in the dish rack to use in his play kitchen. As long as they aren't sharp, I really don't mind. He pilfered these tongs a few days ago and has been absolutely obsessed with using them on everything. He calls them his "scissors" and tries to give all the animals haircuts. He pretends they're an alligator mouth. But mostly, he likes to see what he can pick up with them.

Over the weekend, he dumped out all his Little People and with incredible focus, transferred them into the basket. You can only get a sense of it in these photos, but his whole body was tense with concentration; the fingers of his left hand fully splayed as he used only his right hand to open and close these large and somewhat unwieldy tongs, his mouth open as he was working.

He repeated the activity of his own accord a few more times throughout the day and again this morning. It's amazing to watch his determination as he sets goals for himself and achieves them.


  1. This is awesome. Such a great way to build those muscles in the hands.

    I love his look of concentration.

    Wishing you a lovely day.