{Toddler Explorations} Poker Chips, Day Three

In between the more structured activities of our week-long exploration of poker chips (see Day One and Day Two for what we've been up to), I wanted to make sure that Silas had an opportunity to explore them in whatever way he chose through free play. So, they've been included in a basket and added to the block area.

We have a basic set of blocks that always stay out, but I rotate a basket of "add-ons" every two weeks (which is how often I rotate all his toys) to keep things interesting and fresh. For this rotation I put out a basket of wooden napkin rings to go along with the poker chips.

Both of these materials make for really interesting building play. They've become roads, trees, windows, trumpets and more.

We were playing with the chips, trying to see how far we could roll them, when I thought it would be fun to have some sort of a chute he could roll them down. We tried a bent piece of cardboard (which worked fine, but didn't have the smoothness that we were looking for) and then searched the entire house for something that would make a good track. We ended up using a rail from Silas' disassembled crib. It was perfect.

I think he rolled every single one of the 100 poker chips down it, more than once.

We'll continue playing to see what develops, but this will be the last post dedicated to the humble poker chip. Did you discover any novel ways to include them in your play?

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