{Toddler Explorations} Poker Chips, Day Two

We spent day two of our week-long exploration of poker chips (see day one here and day three here) doing some pattern making. I traced the chips using coordinating-colored markers. To make it a self-correcting activity, I made sure that the number and color of chips in the bowl matched what was necessary to complete the pattern.

I just set it in front of him with no instruction. I was interested if he would "get" what I intended for him to do and if not, I was curious how he would choose to use them. He got it right away, matching the color of the chip to the outlined circle.

I used a black marker to outline the white chips and this confused him. "Where's white?" he asked. 

He used great care and precision, making sure that each chip was placed just so inside the circle and putting his head right down by the paper so that he could see if the line was being at all covered.

I made a couple of random pattern sheets, but then also did a face to go along with our long-term exploration of faces. This led to some creative work. He asked for more chips so that he could add a chin and ears.

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