{Toddler Explorations} Pasting

We practiced pasting for the first time yesterday. This is an activity that I had been meaning to put together for awhile, but kept finding excuses as to why I couldn't. I wanted to get a little pot just for paste and a nice brush. I wanted to have a variety of paper cut up for him to choose from. That sort of thing. Finally, I just let all that go and used what I had on hand. The glue was already made (I used this recipe), I grabbed an old paint brush that we already had, I cut some big shapes out of wrapping paper and put it all on a tray.

When I mentioned the word "glue," Silas paused and said, with great concern, "hands sticky." He was remembering our nest-making activity and how he really didn't like the feel of the glue on his hands. So I reassured him that we were going to use a brush this time and he didn't have to get glue on his skin if he didn't want to.

I demonstrated with one bit of paper and then he was eager to take over handling the brush. As with other activities, he really enjoys narrating the process - "dip brush...face down...brush...push." He affixed two more paper squares and then wandered off to eat some grapes. I think the activity held his interest for all of three minutes. This is totally okay, though! We found a special place to hang up his work to dry and I look forward to exploring it with him later so that he can discover that the pieces of paper are now stuck together.

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  1. Thank you once again for sharing your activities with Silas :) Bea is the same - she does not like getting her hands sticky. She's not into play dough yet, either. However, she might like the idea of using a brush just like you did with Silas. Thanks also for sharing the glue recipe! Awesome.