{Toddler Explorations} Corn Cob Painting

With a bucket full of corn cobs left over from our shelling experience, I decided to set up an open-ended art activity for Silas.

We started with a large piece of newsprint taped to our art table, a squirt of red finger paint and a single corn cob.

Silas found a dandelion and decided to see what kind of marks it would make in the paint.

We moved the party to the porch because the gnats were absolutely terrible. We added more colors and more cobs to the mix. 

My little neatnik insisted on wiping off his hands immediately each time he touched the paint. Then he decided the cobs needed to be wiped down too.

A little bit more rolling, smearing, and sliding.

And when he was done, he helped me wipe up and carried the cobs to the compost bin. A great morning of creative play.