Cutting Apples

Out of nowhere Silas asked to "cut my own apple" for lunch the other day. He's generally not a big apple eater and an apple wasn't one of the options that I had given him to choose from for lunch that day, but with a request like that, how could I refuse? 

We had tried using this cutter before on bananas (maybe when he was 20-months-old, or so) and it was a struggle. He didn't really have seem to have the patience to sit through a demonstration of how to cut and he got very frustrated and upset when I would redirect him when he wasn't using the cutter properly. So, I put it away and forgot about it, honestly. Clearly, he did not.

So for the last three days he's been cutting his own apples and cheese for lunch and absolutely beaming with the pride of it. I core the apple first and slice it so that it sits flat and then he cuts each slice in half. These are the shining moments that Montessori really fits for us. It's all a dance of observation and trying to present materials and activities that fit his ability and interest. Very often I get it wrong and try to introduce things that he's not yet ready for, but when I'm patient and truly listen to him, he has incredible focus and ability to do it himself.


  1. isn't that great. :)
    and what is that cutter, it is all wavy. very cool

    1. It's a Joie Fruit and Vegetable Cutter. It's available on Amazon here: although I bought mine locally and most definitely did NOT pay $40! I think it was around $8 when I bought it. We love it!