Some sort of gremlin took up residence in Steve's digestive system this weekend. So my days were spent caring for a sick husband and chasing after an inexplicably over-active toddler. Illness and gray weather kept us home from the first farmer's market of the season, but we did make brief ventures outside between cloudbursts to check out the newly-opened daffodils and to look for worms. We discovered egg shells (mourning doves, we think), feathers, and violets, all of which were sent floating down rivulets of rain water. A trip to the used bookstore included a visit with the store cat and a fire engine sighting, both of which were subjects of conversation for the entire weekend. Against my better judgment, I tried two new dishes. It was solo cooking and only Silas and I were eating; tortas de chorizo con huevo for Cinco de Mayo and a mushroom risotto. Both were wonderful, which is good because there are lots of leftovers. 

Joining Amanda


  1. Oh no, hope Steve is feeling better soon. A cat and a fire engine, my little man would have loved that :)

  2. sorry to hear about the tummy gremlin :(

    the chorizo and eggs sound amazing!

  3. I hope you are spared catching that gremlin!!