Toddler Explorations: Magnets

Papa surprised us by coming home from work early yesterday, giving us a full hour of family play time, rather than the usual rush to eat dinner and then race to bedtime. We had just rotated puzzles that morning and one of them was a tow truck magnet puzzle and it had been a key activity of the day. Although he's familiar with magnets, having experienced them while playing with wooden train sets and the like, Silas made the discovery that magnets also stick to other things. Lots of other things. So, when Steve came home, I set the two of them up with a basket containing a couple magnets and an assortment of both magnetic and non-magnetic items. 

They did a little bit of sorting, playing a "what sticks?" and what doesn't game. But, most of the fun came from pretending that the wand magnet was a crane and using it to pick up all the nuts and bolts and then sliding them off.

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