Pistachios and Practical Life

A cold asparagus, orange, and pistachio soup was on the menu (this one from last year) one night this week and Silas was eager to lend a helping hand. I thought that shelling the pistachios might provide a little Montessori practical life experience for him.

I set out three bowls. The shells were a bit hard for him to crack himself and he was getting very frustrated, so I opened the shell just enough to free the nut and then put it in the middle bowl. He then picked the nuts out from the shell and sorted the shells into one bowl and the nuts into the other. 

We've done practical life activities like this before and he's done well with them, but this is the first time that he was really meticulous and seemed to get great satisfaction from it. He used great care and if a bit of shell got in with the nuts, he said "oopsie!" and immediately rectified the situation. Of course, a few went right into his mouth and never made it into the soup, but that's okay.


  1. what a good helper!! Phoebe does not have the patience for those sorts of activities..yet. she would probably instead dump it all out onto the floor and stomp on it! ;)

    1. Oh, there is still a lot of dumping that goes on around here, I assure you! ;)

  2. Little kitchen helpers are the best. We are having asparagus soup for dinner tonight, might have to add some pistachios :)