Carrots, Chai Spice, and Cookies

Recent moments in my kitchen...

:: Awhile ago I bought a 25 pound bag of organic carrots, 25 pounds of organic oranges and 12 pounds each of lemons, grapefruit, and mandarins. It was my first co-op bulk food purchase and I'm totally hooked. As an added bonus, having a huge bag of carrots that is about to go moldy is a great motivator to try all those food preservation techniques that I've been putting off for years (!) now. First up was juicing. I have a hand-me-down juicer that has been sitting on the shelf of my laundry room for something like five years. Works like a charm. And Silas thinks carrot juice is delicious. Next up was some chopping, blanching, and freezing. Then some shredding, pounding, and lacto-fermenting (I followed the instructions in Nourishing Traditions). And then some repackaging so that a bunch will fit in the 'fridge. Now that all carrots are accounted for, it's on to the lemons...

:: The mamas in our new playgroup are a bunch of incredible, intelligent, talented, mindful, and inspiring women. They are also mostly gluten- and dairy-free, which has motivated me to experiment in this new-to-me realm of baking. Last week I tried a carrot and chai spice bread (more carrots!) and it was amazing. Seriously. Gluten-free or no, I will make this again. Steve ate a full quarter of the loaf in one sitting and asked for more.

:: I tried my hand at a batch of lactation cookies to bring to a friend and her new babe (along with some potato, cauliflower and dulse soup, another favorite of ours!). Such goodness! I wish I had known about these when Silas was a newborn! I think I'm making it somewhat of a personal mission to bake them for all new mamas that I know.


  1. One of my favorite drink's is carrot juice, pineapple juice, ginger and carbonated water, makes a great healthy soda!
    Carrot and chai spice bread sounds amazing.

  2. my 11 year old LOVES carrot juice. that bread sounds tasty i will have to give it a try.

  3. Yum - both my rascals and I love carrots!

  4. Mmmmm...Carrot and chai bread? Oh dear! I love the idea of the lactation cookies! I hope they work.

  5. carrot and chai bread that sounds like an yummy combination.