This weekend was...

We woke up to a gray and drizzly Saturday, not unlike today. Silas and I made breakfast (cinnamon roles in a tube!) and let Steve sleep in. We watched the sparrows, who like to congregate in the now bare bush right outside the living room window. The kitties watched intently too. After nap, Silas and Daddy had some one-on-one time out of the house while Mama wrote and wrote. Steve said that as they were walking to the car after playing on some new play equipment Silas, his hand gripping Steve's thumb, looked up at him and said, "happy." HeartMelt. Language explosion...we're adding new words everyday.

Sunday we all woke together after a comparatively peaceful night's sleep. Steve made French toast with store-bought bread, because I've been putting off baking for over a week now. (Today's the day.) Lots of random tasks here and there...laundry, making six quarts of chicken stock, a beet and barley risotto for dinner (divine!), getting out the Christmas books, packing away more outgrown baby clothes, gathering acorns, and having a blast "hiding" from Mama under the evergreen trees.

Joining Amanda at The Habit of Being.


  1. Silas is getting to be such a big boy! It is really very heart warming to know he is so happy, that is too sweet.
    Want to share your risotto recipe? My Mike would love it!

  2. i just love when wee ones say things, new things, heart melting things. :)

  3. Hi there

    I stumbled upon your sweet blog via Amanda's 'Weekending'. It's always lovely to come across other like-minded moms with similar goals and interests. I have a little one born in 2011, too (August). Isn't motherhood quite the journey? :)

    Take care and catch you soon.

  4. I love hearing little ones learning to talk and how one day they "get it" and the explosion happens.

  5. what a sweet, sweet moment to savor!

  6. you can tell he is such a happy boy! That is a moment to remember forever :)