Works in Progress

How is it possible that September is already here? I have to admit that I was thoroughly enjoying the August Break and the freedom it allowed me to pause this space and to be more thoroughly present in these last days of summer. They are oh so fleeting and busy in the very best way. They were mornings spent in long child's walks around the yard, noticing every detail. They were afternoon trips to the pool and the library and anywhere else cool. They were new tastes and textures, all devoured with gusto.

There has been much moving and rearranging, both in our physical space and in my head space as well. Shifting priorities and learning how to engage with this new running/playing/jumping/almost talking little boy that I'm so fortunate to spend my days with. I'm excited to share it all with you. This little blog is feeling a little bit stale to me and I have big plans for a complete overhaul in the coming weeks. There. I said it. Let's hope that declaration keeps me on task. But, for now, we're easing in. Taking it slow, as we most often do. We're still feeling a bit languid (I love that word...Lazy laughing languid Jenny, Fond of a kiss and fond of a guinea...can you name that poem?) and are gently easing into fall. There is so much beauty and wonder ahead.


  1. Smiling at your energy and so looking forward to seeing where things head for you. :)

  2. Enjoy every minute with that beautiful boy of yours!
    Oh, the poem? Jenny by Rossetti

    1. Aw, Tracey, I knew that you would be a Rosetti fan! :)

  3. Interesting that you are feeling the need to do some changes on your blog - I'm feeling that way as well. Something about the fall and school starting that brings to mind new beginnings. Looking forward to your updates!

  4. Ah, changes on the blog, feeling the same way. Made a few changes on the weekend and letting them sit for a few days to see if I like them. I find the change in seasons always gives me a new perspective and that usually comes with some change. Looking forward to seeing the changes ahead, but no pressure :)