Our Days | Eggplant Parm

Photo by Silas - Age 19 1/2 months

This Morning: I thought I saw some bicuspids poking through, but that could have just been the sleep deprivation. The little guy slid out of bed later than usual this morning (most likely due to the party he threw from 11pm until 4am) and I fell back asleep. It was only for a few minutes, but when I looked out to the living room he was lying on top of the train table, on his stomach, with his feet waving in the air watching the TV that he had just turned on. We now must remember to switch the input so that when he turns it on all he gets is a blank screen. I broke out my collection of scarves for him to play with. Imagine what an old woman in the 60s would have worn on her head to cover her curlers and you've about got it. Best toy ever. A late morning visit with dear friends and two little boys playing more and more together rather than next to each other.

This Afternoon: We did our second round of eggplant parm. This is a challenging dish because there is just so much going on. Just like last time, I started at 3 and we sat down to eat at 6:30. And I thought that was pretty good, actually. When Silas wanted to help I handed him a bulb or garlic. He was completely engrossed in pulling each papery layer off and I was free to juggle all the pots and pans. Genius.


  1. Yikes, I remember a few of those party nights, not fun. I love watching children as they start to play together, so magical.

    Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  2. You have a natural photographer there! It's been a while for me and all night toddler parties...I don't miss those. Now I get to stay up until he gets home. Fortunately, he's kind to his mama and comes home at a reasonable hour and respects the reasons...he doesn't always like them, but he respects them.

  3. Sorry that Silas is pulling all nighters. Finn was really good at that and it is so exhausting. Wishing you a full night of sleep tonight!
    Eggplant parm sounds delicious. And the garlic bulb sounds like a great toddler occupier!