This weekend...

Steve passed along to Silas trade secrets to his world famous French Toast,
followed by a trip to the market and lazing in the park.
Naps and gardening, playing ball and hula hoop.
Frantic dinner time and to bed early.
Poor Silas is still working on those molars, making sleep for all of us difficult. But, we manage.
Sunday was yard work after pancakes and coffee. A fair amount of coffee.
Mopping the floor, putting away outgrown baby clothes, finding owl feathers,
and working on making the porch more of an outdoor living space.

Joining Amanda at The Habit of Being


  1. Three magic words: outdoor living space. (Also: fair amount of coffee. Ok, four magic words.)

  2. Sounds like a good weekend, well except for the molars and no sleep. Love how intently Silas is watching Steve :)

  3. sounds like a productive weekend. Hope those molars finish up!

  4. poor Silas, I sure wish those teeth would sprout! We have an outdoor space but it's just too hot to be there.

  5. Hugs to poor Silas and tired mom and dad... that french toast must be amazing!

  6. love the trade secret bit ;-) silas looks like he took it all in and will soon be fixing you french toast!

    and outdoor living space. yes. love that.