CSA | New Potatoes

We are inundated with new potatoes! With my no-oven-in-the-summer rule, I'm having to break out all my cold potato salad recipes. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. In this week's box: rainbow chard, green cabbage, carrots with tops, sungold tomatoes, a slicing tomato, broccoli, New Colorado Rose potatoes, green Cipollini onions, and one head of Sarac Ljubitovica garlic.

Other than perhaps an onion, I don't think any CSA produce actually went into this first dish: cold cucumber and rainbow trout salad on a bed of arugula. 

I chose it because I had a cucumber and a bag of arugula in my 'fridge that I had purchased for other recipes, but had then forgotten to use. Of the three of us, Silas is the only one who like trout, we discovered.

Last week's peas went into a salad with red quinoa, pepitas, and a little lemon juice vinaigrette.

Simple, easy, fresh.

What's the smartest thing that one can do when it's 104 degrees outside? Why, bake bread and make a hot soup for dinner, of course. Sheeesh, you'd think that I'd have this figured out by now. Last week's carrots were diced up along with their greens for this soup with quinoa.

It was a yummy and sweet soup. I think the little guy was needing some vitamin A, because he could not get enough of these carrots.

Half of last week's broccoli was lightly steamed and tossed with chicken, almonds, and a drizzle of sesame oil.

This was my favorite dish all week. Absolutely delicious.

Last week's kale was steamed, dressed with some red wine vinegar and, along with some hot peppers and queso fresco, stuffed into paninis. This was served next to a cold salad of grated kohlrabi, celery, and capers in a creamy dressing. 

The first time we had these sandwiches, we thought they were amazing, but the last couple of attempts haven't quite measured up. I think I need to check the cookbook out from the library again to make sure that I'm not missing a step or something.

Last week's broccoli, carrots, and peas went into a good ol' stir fry.

Finally, the last of the cabbage from two weeks ago (!) was sauteed in cream with juniper berries and plated with simple tomato, mozzarella, arugula, and olive sandwiches.

I've never cooked with juniper berries before, but there was something incredibly familiar about their aroma when cooking and the taste was oddly comforting. And these sandwiches? Kinda like a Caprese salad between two slices of bread. Yum.


  1. That last panino looks so good. Do you have a panini press? Don't you love when they give you just one of something? One tomato? Okay I'll make a sandwich.

    I am guilty of making bread at 110 degrees. :)

  2. No panini press. We use a small George Foreman grill that I inherited from a college roommate years ago. It works great!

  3. Yet again Courtney it all looks delish. What time shall I arrive for dinner :)

    1. Aw, thanks, Kim! I'll set a place for you! :)

  4. I love each dish more than the last dish! Funny we had chili on one of the hottest days and my husband asked why. He ate it though, all of it!!

  5. i wanna eat dinner at your table! yummy