This weekend was...

Up way too early, but oddly, a late start to the day with pancakes,
getting to the Farmer's Market to pick up our CSA just as everyone was
starting to pack up for the day,
a walk around downtown during the weekend's Arts Fest,
wishing we had thousands of dollars to buy art,
Silas' first string orchestra,
he made it through half before getting restless, which I thought was pretty darn good,
back home for a nap and a domestic afternoon,
Sunday was another early morning,
mastering the sign for "bunny" while seeing a mama bunny nurse her babies outside,
then out-of-town to celebrate grandpa's birthday,
seeing cousins and a new backyard to explore,
back home for another restless night and another early morning.
I'm detecting a pattern here.

Linking up with Amanda at The Habit of Being.


  1. I'm sorry about the early mornings. Our Arts Fest is this coming weekend and I can't wait!

  2. We have that up to early, start too late feeling just about daily. It can make things pretty stressful, unless you accept and settle into a slow day. In any case sounds like a lovely weekend.

  3. Wishing you a future of not-so-early mornings!

  4. Yikes on the early mornings, hang in there it will get better.

    Other than that sounds like a lovely weekend.

  5. Sorry you have those early mornings and restless nights. Hope things settle for you a bit. I know exactly how you feel about wishing you had the money at the art festival. I run into that same problem.

  6. oh yes, early mornings. my little miss sleeps so well at night that she's awake by 6a.m. - it can be painful ;-)

  7. I was in a local gallery this weekend and wishing I had more money for paintings myself! I think it's time to dust off the paint brushes.

  8. I love mornings! You should send Silas my way and I would watch him for a bit.

  9. I love your weekend posts- I wish I had more 'mad money' to spend on art too!

  10. That seems like the perfect weekend to me!

  11. your weekend sounds very versatile and fun! have a great week now!

  12. Love going to the farmer's market for all the things we don't grow ourselves!