CSA | Garlic Scape Stir Fry

Thank you all so much for your get well wishes! I think the power of your positive thinking has been working, as this cold is making a very quick run through my system. I've been trying to drown it in EmergenC, echinacea tea, and fruit and so far, we're doing alright. As I type this, Silas and I have been up since 4:00. He's in a great mood he's just....awake. So, I gave up, turned the lights on and told him to go wild. Hopefully, he'll crash in an hour or two and we can go back to bed. I mean, he has to crash eventually, right?

In this week's CSA box: a head of lettuce, broccoli, baby Hakurei turnips with greens, peas, chives, kohlrabi, garlic scapes, and spinach.

The peas and broccoli went into a Lemon and Ginger Stir Fry (recipe in The Vegan Gourmet).

Even though "lemon" appears in the title, Steve and I were both caught off guard by how citrus-y it was. Not bad, just not what we were expecting in a stir fry. I do love some spring peas, though, and these were crunchy and sweet.

Some of last week's bok choy went into a Thai Coconut Soup (Recipe in Feeding the Whole Family).

I don't cook with lemongrass or coconut milk much, but every time that I do, I'm always amazed by the results. This one was  lick-the-bowl good.

The second half of last week's turnips were braised in some wine and served with some parsley and chives (Recipe in The Vegan Gourmet).

Yum. Just yum. Five years ago, I never would have guessed that I would get so excited by baby turnips.

Most of last week's and all of this week's garlic scapes were blended into a pesto (recipe here), which was then folded into a Polenta Spoonbread (recipe in Enchanted Broccoli Forest), served with braised spicy braised turnip greens (recipe here).

I've never made anything resembling a souffle before and was a little bit intimidated, but it turned out great. It needed another side, though, to feel like a complete meal. The turnip greens were good and not at all as bitter as I feared, given some of the online comments that I read.

All of the spinach from this week and last week was used in a Spinach Borscht (recipe in Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant).

Of course, I picked the coolest and most overcast day to make a cold soup, but it was good regardless. It needs to be very well chilled, though. I put it in the 'fridge for the suggested 3 hours, but that wasn't enough. It should verge on icy.

And finally, some of last week's garlic scapes and bok choy went together with some beef into a stir fry.

I used my Spring Farmer's Market Stir Fry recipe, but subbed in beef for the chicken and threw in some carrots. I have to say, investing in a good wok was one of the best things that we've ever done. We use that puppy a lot.

This week's lettuce, turnips and kohlrabi are still sitting in my crisper drawer. Salads and some braising are the plans for them. Today is Steve and my four year wedding anniversary and so we are headed out this evening for our yearly overdose of sushi. I'm planning on not eating a thing all day to make room for plenty of saba. Oh, the saba!


  1. Looks so pretty and tempting! :-)

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope you're able to get some rest (4:00!) and are feeling better soon. (And that beef stir fry looks so delicious!)

  3. I've only just finished lunch but seeing all that beautiful food has made me hungry again!
    Get well soon and enjoy your anniversary and sushi.

  4. We have some of the same things can't wait to cook mine up today :)

  5. The food looks awesome! I hope you are able to take a bit of a nap so you will be wide awake to eat all that sushi - YUM! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Loving how you share these with us. You're inspiring me to try a few new recipes. Hoping you get lots of rest so you can have a blast tonight on your date! Happy Anniversary!

  7. everything looks so yummy! happy anniversary to you both~

  8. thanks for all the yummy ideas! I do love the seasonal fresh foods! Happy anniversary!

  9. First, happy anniversary! Second, I love all these vegetarian cookbook references. I would like to cook more non pasta based vegetarian recipes. I can't tell you how many times I used our braising greens in a pasta dish .

  10. Can I come for dinner? All week? We've hit the cooking rut lately...The baking keeps us well fed, though. ;)

    Happy Anniversary!

  11. Oh my! Look at all those wonderful recipes. I will have to search out some of those cookbooks you mentioned. And I'm hoping my csa (starting in July) will be nice like yours. I miss garlic scapes - haven't located them anywhere. I might just have to plan ahead and decide on planting my own garlic in the next year or so. Maybe then I'd have garlic scapes?

  12. Oh my gosh...I just ate dinner, but this post made me SO hungry. Happy Anniversary...5 years, already? :)