This weekend was all hot ovens and cold drinks.

Saturday was the first Farmer's Market of the season. Steve and I reflected back to how much has changed since last year when Silas was only three months old and the weekly trip to the Market was filled with much anxiety. We either put Silas in the sling and raced through to get back home and out of public before he started crying or Steve went by himself. Our tiny little boy who would only stay in the Moses basket or the baby hammock for three minutes tops while Steve and I traded holding duties and bites of breakfast.
This year, it is a joy. Cries traded for laughs. A little boy happily pointing and babbling at all he saw and wanting to run around in the park. Heading home when we were ready rather then preemptively due to a fussy babe.
There was more for offer there than we expected this early in the season.
We loaded up on arugula, bok choy, asparagus, radishes, cucumbers, spinach, some seedlings, and rhubarb to use in desserts for what I have dubbed the Age of Rhubarb.
There were some morels, which was surprising since everyone was saying they would be finished long before now due to the early heat.
We took bets on which of our friends we would see there and were right on the money. Much catching up ensued.
Then home for naps, a Quesadilla lunch, and iced tea/iced coffee on the porch. The breeze was fresh and the moments serene. Perfection, truly.
The asparagus went into pot pies for dinner, the scraps of puff pastry used to make cheese sticks. We both wished that there were at least 17 more cheese sticks.

Sunday was an early start and a full day in the kitchen. First pancakes for breakfast, then an all-butter pie crust, then kneading bread, then omelets for lunch, then homemade almond ice cream, then a rhubarb and apple pandowdy, then goulash for dinner, then baking bread. Steve and I took breaks playing with Silas outside to escape the culinary heat. It was worth it, though. The pandowdy with the ice cream was simply divine.

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  1. that sounds perfect & yummy! lucky you being able to buy morels! the only way to get them around here is to find them yourself~ no one ever sells them..lol

    have a great week!

  2. I have been looking at kits to start growing my own morels as I can never find them here.
    Your pandowdy and ice cream sound perfect for this time of year!

  3. I remember those days of trying to keep a baby happy while trying to get my chores accomplished. Some days were so easy - others I wanted to just go home and cry. As you are seeing, this phase passes (and another challenging one will approach).

    You did a bunch of yummy cooking this weekend. Your house must have smelled wonderful!

  4. It is amazing how one year can be the biggest change in a baby/toddler. Sounds like a great time seeing old friends at the farmer's market. Oh and I'm coming to your house for the weekend because your food sounds yummy!

  5. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. Silas is at a great age now. He's hitting what I call the sponge stage because he'll just start absorbing so much. It's great fun to watch. Happy Monday!

  6. oh yes, the heat of cooking in warmer weather makes it a challenge. so glad you were able to fully enjoy the farmer's market and the bounty :)

  7. Sounds like a weekend full of many nice things (including pancakes)! :-)

  8. Yum! Silas is at such a fun age, isn't he?

  9. Sounds like a delicious weekend!

    You know, I have been reflecting on the exact opposite now with Clayton...things we did last year seem so easy looking back. Just pop the baby in the ergo and he is good to go. Now, I always worry about possible temper tantrums, refusing to be carried or be in the stroller and wanting to grab at everything! I have to think about emergency entertainment, snacks and drinks and then there is the whole getting everyone in shoes and out the door. Glad you are at a bit of a restful parenting phase!