This weekend was...

Steve and my first dinner out alone together in nine months. Cheese plates and trout terrines and tempeh empanadas, oh my! Silas had a grand time with the grandparents, who assured me that he cried only in that last ten minutes and only then because he was exhausted and desperate to nurse and go to sleep. You're a champ, little bug!
There were more grandparent visits on Sunday, a trip to get pancakes, and the little one's first taste of an ice chip.
And also...
decadent chocolate cake, Amazing Race,
daily walks, ironing,
the discovery that Silas loves to dance to this song, which led to this song, which he loved instantly, which led to much 90s nostalgia,
trips to the garden store where they were understaffed because, hey, it's March,
mastery of the sign for "dog,"
much time spent watching and listening to the birds, especially the robins who are everywhere,
nap transitions, 
and cat frustrations...
One of our girls has started eating the houseplants (and throwing them up) with fervor. She has also taken to
getting all up in our faces when we're trying to put Silas down to sleep and meowing. Loudly.

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  1. Sounds like date night was a success. The first one is the most difficult. I hope you were able to enjoy it. Your weekend sounds lovely.

  2. What is up with the cats? Is it because of spring? Crazy! So glad you had a date, I remember those days leaving a baby!!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely date night and I do hope you do it more often, it's important.
    Gardening is in full force around here, as the old saying goes ...everything must be in the ground by Easter.

  4. Nice to hear you and Steve had a date night! Wonderful!

    Our female cat is obsessed with anything plant related that comes into the house and makes it her goal in life to eat it. Have you grown cat grass for them? It might be a nice distraction from the house plants for them.

  5. oooooh! cheese and olives. i would've been happy to help you eat it :)

  6. Glad you got some baby-free time! Sounds like a good weekend!

  7. We've got 80s nostalgia lately. My 3-year-old's new favorite song is Karma Chameleon - serious dance parties every morning in the last few days.

  8. Sounds like a great weekend- Glad you got your date night- and I love that S listens to Scat Man!