This weekend was...

cleaning out the 'fridge and freezer with big panzanella salads with turkey,
walks around the yard and planning for spring,
first garter snake sighting (*shudder*),
Silas' first attendance at a modern dance performance,
walks downtown to enjoy the warmth and fresh air,
trips to the library to play with the train table,
much nose wiping (we have the sniffles!) and not much sleeping,
begrudgingly adjusting the clocks,
trying to figure out how to put my little one to sleep now that it is still light out at 7,
which led to curtain-making plans,
and trying to devise ways to compost our animal's waste. Any suggestions?

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  1. Would you please send me that salad so that people will quit staring at me as I sit here and drool...so embarrassing! Happy Monday!

  2. I have done quite a bit of research into animal waste composting-- I think you just have cats, but if you want to send me an email, I can give you the information that I have collected (from research and experience!)

    1. Thanks for offering to share your expertise, Taryn! I'll drop you a line shortly!

  3. Cleaning out the fridge is my worse job, I did it a few weeks ago and am trying very hard not to let it get away from me.
    I hope the colds are better and you can get some rest.

  4. snakes even harmless ones give me the creeps!!!

    so sorry to hear about little man's sniffles. a sick little is no fun at all. hopefully he'll be feeling better soon!

  5. This looks yummy. Hope the sniffles go away soon.