Yarn Along | Hats for Mamas and Babes

My Fair Isle hat just flew off the needles! Now I just need some snow and chill to go along with it. Seriously. Yesterday felt like a day in May. Neither Silas nor I wore jackets or hats. Crazy. But, I'm going to continue making hats in the hopes that we will actually get a winter this year. Today my plan is to knit my gauge swatch for a little hat for Silas using the leftover yarn from Steve and my hats. Family hats? Yes, please!

I am reading quite a few books actually, but in increments here and there. For the past month of so, Silas has refused to nap in the chair so I haven't had any long stretches of reading time in awhile. I have a half dozen or so books stashed around the house -- in the couch cushions, on the kitchen counter, in the bathroom, near the bed -- and I steal a sentence here or there. They're all parenting books, though, related to some of the changes that we're going through right now: Real Food for Mother and Baby, Super Baby Food, Feeding the Whole Family, The No-Cry Nap Solution, The Baby Book, Diaper-Free Baby, and the latest issue of Kiwi.

How about you?

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  1. I will also continue to knit in hopes that winter will make itself known! Silly weather!
    Happy Yarn Along!

  2. Hope you get into a rhythm with longer reading times-

  3. Our weather has been weird too. I'm actually missing cozying up with winter...I love the fair isle hats. So lovely!

  4. You know, I never thought of putting books around the house like that. What a good idea, although I'm sure it does little to encourage long stretches of reading. Of course, my guys would probably wander off with them and then I would have none. ;)

  5. Good gracious, I know what you mean about the weather.