Right now, today I am...

Making my first loaf of bread in a long time. Whole wheat and oat. Hoping for some success!

Listening to the sounds of top 80s hits floating up from the basement where some replacement carpeting is being put in. This means that tomorrow (and every day after that) I will be going through my books to see what actually makes it back on the shelf and what will be passed along to new readers.

Preparing for a much needed nap (both for myself and the little guy). After a trip out of town yesterday where no naps were taken, we are due. Right now, in fact.


  1. This past weekend I made my first loaf of bread in a long time too. I am not sure why I got out of the habit, but will not slip out again. I hope you loaf is wonderful!

  2. That sounds like a near perfect day. I hope it all goes as planned.

  3. Sounds awesome! All books immediately separated and not putting back what you no longer need. Sigh.. Wish I had that power!

    Love from Holland

  4. Hope the bread turns out well and the nap is a very restful one.x

  5. That sounds like great bread!

    Any chance you have a recipe you'd want to share? I'm always on the hunt for good tried, tested and true recipes.


    amelia from hks

    1. I used the whole grain bread recipe from Feeding the Whole Family. It was really easy and in less than 48 hours we've eaten almost a whole loaf. Yum. :)

    2. Great, thanks!

      I just put it on hold at the library.

      Take care,


  6. i moved our stereo/ipod thing to the kitchen because i need music while cooking, especially while baking. hope the bread was delish!