Rainbow Bowls

It's been several months now since I won these nested felt bowls from a giveaway hosted by Ren at The Lady of the Arts. They were handmade by Taryn from Mama Gone Green. I never gave either of them a proper "thank you" and I figured it was about time. Silas is still enamored with the putting-things-in and taking-things-out game and these bowls fit perfectly into that play. I put wooden eggs in them and he takes them out. Or we do a little bit of a shell game and I hide a toy under one of them for him to find. They also make very good hats. Such a simple toy, but the possibilities have only been limited by our imaginations.

Thank you so much Ren and Taryn! From both Silas and his mama!


  1. Sounds like both you and Silas are enjoying them. One day he can use them for all the 'treasures' he collects!

  2. Those bowls are incredible!

    So great.

    amelia from hks