Leaps and Bounds

After a night of much teething-related wakefulness, Silas and I awoke to a gentle and beautiful dusting of snow. This weekend seemed to be one of much growth for the little one. He crossed the room with a proper crawl for the first time. He had a little scrambled egg yolk for breakfast. His transitions between scooting, sitting, and standing are becoming increasingly fluid, although he still approaches them with great care and concentration. He babbles with such focused attention, it seems that words are bound to fall out of those lips at any moment. Leaps and bounds.

Steve was out of commission for half a day on Saturday due to some mystery illness. We made an amazing seven vegetable and miso soup for dinner that evening. Yummy and restorative. It called for burdock root, which I thought that I had purchased. Turns out it was actually horseradish. Any tips on how to tell these two apart? Going into it, I knew that they looked very similar, but I thought I would be able to smell the horseradish. As it turns out, the smell only surfaced when I started to peel it. Looking at pictures of the two I really can't tell which is which. Hmmm. We substituted Jerusalem artichokes in the soup, with much success.

Overall, a good weekend. Quiet. Productive. Celebratory.


  1. And soon he will be running everywhere!

    I have never eaten burdock root, now I'm curious! Miso soup is my favorite!

  2. Your soup sounds really delicious! I love seeing Silas explore :)