First Drawing

This weekend we got out the crayons. I pulled some paper from the recycling box and set up a piece of cardboard to act as a table top on which Silas could make his very first markings. Steve (a teacher at heart, I swear) sat with him and very patiently modeled how to hold the crayon and press it to the paper. Then, putting the crayon in Silas' hand, he gently guided it. In typical baby fashion, Silas was way more interested in drawing on the cardboard than on the paper. In his defense, it did make a pretty cool noise when scribbled upon. He also really wanted to eat the crayons. But, he also laughed and smiled a lot and so did we. All-in-all I count our first family drawing time a success. As an added bonus, we now have a lovingly decorated tri-fold cardboard. Perfect for a puppet stage.


  1. Cute - and many more to come! :-)

  2. I have all of my babies first drawings, matted and framed that I gave to my husband as a gift one year.
    Grandparents love these gifts [just saying]!

  3. Awww, too cute!! Way to go Silas!!!


  4. love. love. love.
    a little artist in the making!

  5. We color cardboard all the time! Then reuse the colored sections for other art projects. Great thinking. I love seeing him enjoying coloring. So much fun.

  6. Just a thought as I think you care about these type of things as i do- those look like melissa and doug crayons- please dont let your little one eat them- they are made with plastic and wax. I almost bought them but after researching different crayons that was a no deal for me. The stockmar beeswax rectangle crayons are really nice a little pricy but last forever and have really nice color and no plastic!.
    though you should know! Hope this warning is unneeded!

    1. Thanks so much! I do care about such things! They are Melissa and Doug...I had no idea they were made of plastic. They were a gift and so I didn't do the intensive research that I would normally do when purchasing something myself. Ya know, I'm quickly becoming disenchanted with Melissa and Doug. This isn't the first time that I've assumed one of their products was safe only to find out later that it contained something questionable.

      I've heard of Stockmar. They really last a long time? Perhaps it's time to make the investment....

      Thanks again!

    2. No problem! I thought you would want to know! Its so annoying how we have to research everything! m&d is disenchanting but often its easier to reccomend them for gift ideas when family and friends ask for ideas- they just dont get my very few/non plastic toy thing etc. Stockmar blocks are good for Silas's age so are Clemintine art's natural crayons or rocks but i like thier crayons better. We have both, the stockmar have amazing color and blending, the clementine have a nice shape for little hands and grips.
      sometimes i wish all of us mamas lived close to each other! It would be so fun!