This weekend was spent...

Preparing...for the cold winter months that are just around the corner. Raking, pruning, storing, draining. All the little tasks to button up our home and our space.

Warming...our bellies with yummy kale and bean minestra. The season of soups is upon us.

Embracing...the enjoyable elements of tasks that I don't necessarily relish. Making order out of chaos.

Watching...as my two favorite boys find their groove and discover new ways to play together.

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  1. What a relaxing weekend! Silas looks like a very happy baby :)

  2. OK Courtney, could you share the soup recipe? I love all things soup!
    Love the last shot of your guy's!

  3. oh yes, soup. love, love, love soup. so filling. so simple. and oh so wholesome. yours looks delish!

  4. @Tracey: The recipe is from "Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant." I just picked it up at a thrift store and it's the first recipe I've tried out of it!