Things We Do After Nap :: Playing with Rice

I've been following Meg's words over at Sew Liberated for as long as I can remember. She has the most creative, gentle, and inspiring things to share about her days with her two lovely little boys, Finn and Lachlan. This week, she is doing a series of posts called "Things we do after nap" in which she shares some of the open-ended, sensorial, Montessori-inspired activities they are exploring to fill those waking hours. This came at a perfect time for us. My mommy friends and I often comment that we think our little ones are getting bored with the same old things that we do over and over again. We were in need of new they are!

For our contribution, I thought we'd share our newest adventure...rice play!

Silas spends most of his time these days perfecting his pincer grasp. From much close examination and study he has become an expert on carpet fuzz and he insists on picking kitty hair off of So to help him get a little more practice, I've been giving him some uncooked rice to play with, either in a bowl so that he can sink his whole hand into it, or a handful spread out on his high chair try so that he can practice picking up each individual grain.

See that look of concentration? He can keep that up for quite awhile. I think it's adorable.

Check out all the suggestions at Sew Liberated. They really are inspiring!


  1. Cute - playing with food is fun! :-)

  2. This is a great idea! Thank you! Barefoot Mama

  3. I love this great idea. Silas is so sweet concentrating so hard. Just makes me want to give him a snuggle!

  4. What a great idea! I love that look of concentration he has.

  5. I'm so glad mamas are posting what they do with their little ones in between naps. I was trying to come up with an activity to help my 8 month old work on her pincer grip and this looks perfect! Thanks for the idea. :)