In this week's CSA: yellow summer squash, potatoes, watermelon, bok choy, yellow wax beans, and a bag of mixed greens.

Steve claims to not be a fan of watermelon, which I don't quite understand. It's watermelon. It's sweet and juicy. What's not to like? We're eating simply again this week with most of the produce being eaten as-is or just slightly cooked.

We've had a little bit of a heatwave here, so Silas and I have been enjoying some stolen moments outside, looking at the fall leaves and smelling this new season. It seems as if the trees have changed their dress almost overnight, going from lush green to golden yellow. We stood in the middle of the yard yesterday as a tiny, unfelt breeze released a shower of them on our heads, which elicited broad smiles and coos of delight as if this were a show put on just for him. This change feels as abrupt as the ways in which Silas grows and develops from day-to-day. Who is this little person who smiles at me and says, "ma-ma?" When exactly did he start moving across the floor so quickly? I don't long to return to his newborn days, but I do get weepy when I think about them. Eat and sleep. That's all we needed to worry about. Now there are tops-of-stairs and new foods and small things on the floor. Kitties who don't like their tails grabbed and fear of strangers and bumps to the head. We add more and more layers of things to worry about, but also layers of things that we've learned. Each layer causing his little world to expand. I'm so blessed to be a witness to it all.


  1. I´m SO with you on the watermelon - it´s so good! How is it possible not to love that?! :-D

  2. My husband also does not like watermelon and I am also baffled by that.

  3. I'm with Steve- I think watermelon is overrated. I've also given up on doing anything creative with our CSA shares, but we got our first butternut squash this week, so I might do a pie...

    Silas is getting so big! I love that he's starting to talk and get into stuff. That's a crazy age, but it's so fun because you are literally watching him grow every day.

  4. It's crazy how much they change isn't it? I still feel like Phoebe arrived yesterday, yet here she is, 7 months old, with her own personality and desires. I wish I could stop time for a little bit!
    In the food scene, we have a broken oven and have been eating out too much! Our new one should get delivered today though, so I am ready to start cooking! Enjoy your CSA!

  5. I could eat watermelon all day long and never tire of it! It's turned warm here again too and I am really wish for that cold weather! xx