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Please welcome A Life Sustained sponsor My Lil Market!

Jeemaa is passionate about creating mommy necklaces that are durable, pretty, practical and functional.

In her words, "Currently, I am a wife to my wonderful husband Jeff and a stay-at-home mom to our sweet little boy Zachary. I enjoy beading and creating unique, but affordable, pieces that reflect people's individual taste and style. Mostly, I find my beading inspirations in family and friends, their love and passion in life, my work, nature's beauty, magazines, clothes and simply everywhere around me. I also love scrapbooking, cooking and taking long walks in nature with my wonderful husband, our sweet little baby boy and a spoiled rotten German short haired pointer."

Jeemaa has a variety of mommy nursing necklaces for sale in her Etsy shop, including organic items.

Tell us the story of how you started your business...

My business was inspired by one of my best friend’s custom necklace request and my own experience with my baby boy. A few years back I opened my Etsy shop to sell my nature inspired whimsical jewelry. At that time, I had a full time teaching job so I could not always find the time to maintain my shop. When my son was about four months old, one of my best friends asked me to make a nursing necklace for her. I got some pretty beads with different shapes and textures and made one for her and one for myself. I wanted the necklace to be durable and functional – interesting enough to grab babies’ attention but pretty enough that it can be worn as everyday jewelry. My son loved it!! He gets easily distracted during nursing, especially in public. And with the necklace he was more focused. He loved the natural donut stone and really enjoyed exploring the beads. He played with it while I waited in a checkout line or changed his diaper. He tugged on it instead of pulling my hair. I was so excited that I posted the necklace pictures on facebook and it didn’t take long before another mommy wanted one. And my business has been flourishing ever since.


Tell us about your artistic process. How do you choose your materials?

I love finding beautiful pendants to serve as the focal point of my jewelry. Next, I think about the design and look for pieces that compliment and tell stories. After that, I get so excited about sitting down, naming the piece and creating that piece that has been brewing in my mind. When the jewelry is finished, I love showing them to my husband, telling him the names, and asking his opinion about what outfit they might look good with. He is always full of compliments and I never get tired of hearing them.

An example is my Dragonfly Landing Necklace I made a few years ago. We see so many dragonflies as we take walks at the nearby park. When I found this gorgeous dragonfly, I wanted to create a piece that captures those memories. Now, this is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a piece of my life, my memory.

With my new passion for making mommy jewelry, the process is very similar. I look for natural donut stones and baby-gnawing-safe wooden rings as my mommy jewelry focal points. I pay attention to the things that my little man does while I nurse him or hold him. In the picture below, my son is chewing on a small teething ring. This is his favorite teething ring. This inspired me to create my newest design called “Fancy Mama Teething Ring Necklace.”

I also carefully listen to my mommy friends’ comments, my customer reviews and feedback, and their custom requests. All of this helps me to create new and exciting mommy jewelry.

Jeema is generously offering to one A Life Sustained reader a teething ring necklace! Her necklaces feature small organic wooden rings that are safe for baby to gnaw on. They are finished with Certified Organic Flaxseed oil, beeswax, or they can be left unfinished.

In her words," I create my jewelry in my loving home with baby's laughter, fun music and family conversations, so when you receive your necklace, it will be infused with love and happiness. Wear it when nursing, wear it to work, wear it short or long. Your necklace will be packaged beautifully and ready to be given as a gift. The beads are secured by knots, and will not spill if they break. I use a mix of semi precious stone and acrylic beads."

Just leave a comment on this post to be entered in the random drawing to win a teething ring necklace. Comments will be closed and a winner will be announced in the evening of July 23. All are welcome to enter the drawing; residents of countries other than the US and Canada will be responsible for shipping costs.

The lucky winner is Robin!
"These are great. I have a new mom I would love to give one of these to."

Thank you My Lil Market!


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