Family Art

In the hours and hours that I spend sitting nursing (on the couch, in the rocking chair, in the bed...) I've really had a chance to study my space. I realized the other day what a great portion of what we've chosen to decorate our walls is artwork created by our family members.

There are intaglio prints that I clumsily made in grad school.

Pencil drawings sketched by my great-grandmother almost 115 years ago.

A painting by 18-year-old Steve.

A woodcut of a Japanese girl that my mom made when she was in high school (that went on to win a blue ribbon at the state fair!).

And a charcoal drawing called "Church Windows" that Steve's mom drew when she was in college.

I really love that our home is warmed with these things and filled with the creative spirit of those who created them.


  1. How lovely! We don't have much wallspace to hag stuff, but about 75% of what is hung is photographs that I have taken. I think it make the house so personal.

  2. That´s great - especially love your great grandmothers sketch!

  3. What an incredibly talented family you have!! I love the pencil drawing by your great-grandmother and your mother's work is just incredible. It must've taken her forever to do that!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  4. wow! you have a really artistic family. neat!

  5. Wow these are beautiful.
    So great you have so many artists in your family - and amazing that you still have these works of art ;)

  6. We have family art creations in the house as well. Yours is beautiful!!

  7. This is so incredible! I would love to have art to hang with such meaning and attachment...I'll admit most of ours is from IKEA. :(

  8. The art in your home is lovely!

  9. Just beautiful. It means so much more. Take precious care and have a fabulous week. Katie xxx