Visual Mobile Series: Octahedron

I confess that I'm way behind in the schedule of introducing the Montessori Visual Mobile Series. Silas should have had his Octahedron by Week Eight. Oops! He just loved the Munari so much, I hated to replace it with something else. I really had no excuse in how long it took me to make the Octahedron either. This was by far the easiest mobile to make. Just some cardstock, a dowel, and bam. Mobile.

Want to make one? You should! It's easy! I searched Google for an octahedron template and traced it onto some heavy scrapbooking cardstock in primary colors. Cut them out, folded them up, used a needle to attach the thread to the shapes and then tied them to a dowel. I used Sharpie markers to embellish the dowel and a length of string to suspend the mobile. And that's about it.

He's only had it for a couple of days, but so far he seems to be a pretty big fan. When I brought it out for the first time every muscle in his body froze and he just stared at it; a good sign, I think. It doesn't hold his interest for as long as the Munari, though, which has the advantage of more movement and that magical glass sphere that reflects light. Next up is the Gobi!