The Season's First CSA

This past Saturday Steve, Silas, and I headed to the Farmer's Market, as we usually do, but a special treat was there waiting for us: our first CSA cooler. I'm sure you already know, but CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is an economic model in which the consumer pays a farmer up front for the upcoming season's harvest. This allows the farmer to be paid when they need it most (at the beginning of the season) and it allows the consumer to get a weekly box of produce of whatever is fresh and in season at that moment. Due to a cool and wet spring, our box was a little sparse this week, but did contain organic spring onions, organic red and green lettuce, organic honey, and a window box herb garden.

This is our third year having a CSA and we've subscribed with a different farmer every year. We didn't necessarily intend to be so unfaithful, but circumstance made it so that we were. We were a little late to the game this spring. Each farm has a limited number of shares and almost all of them were sold out. So, we ended up with this one by default, but I have a good feeling about them. The woman we met there this Saturday was incredibly sweet and I look forward to getting to know her better.

Allison over at Field Wonderful does a wonderful weekly menu of how she uses her CSA produce. I love to see all the yummy things that she makes! Three years ago when Steve and I first started, we were new to cooking at home and even newer to eating many veggies. There was kale and swiss chard in our box every single week and neither of us had ever eaten either of these greens before. I'll be honest and say that we got tired of them pretty quickly. It didn't feel like it then, but it really was just an adjustment period. We never thought a time would come when we would think, "hey, doesn't some sauteed swiss chard sound good?" but that day has, in fact, arrived and I'm actually looking forward to the fun challenge of building my menus around what's in the current week's box!


  1. mmm...your csa looks good. this is our third year, too. i agree with you on the adjustment period. this year i've actually been hoping that we get lots of kale because i have so many recipes i want to try with it. two years ago i NEVER would have wished for more kale. i made a kale and feta tart last week, am making miso soup with kale this week, and want to try out toasted kale with marinara sauce. plus, i love kale sauteed with garlic and onions, topped with a fried egg and drizzle of soy sauce. must get more kale!

  2. We have never done a CSA because we tend to leave a lot during the summer, but I have always wanted to!

  3. haha i get too much lettuce and wish for more dark leafy greens. so funny. i'm starting year 3 myself, how fun! but ours will be delayed two weeks- yep the cold spring. but this way we get stuff well into november, which is so very exciting. i LOVE the little herb garden idea! i should pass that on to my farmers. :)

  4. @Allison: See! There you go again with all your yummy ideas! I also have a lot of kale recipes that I want to try...especially kale chips, which bloggers have been raving about forever now.

    @MGG: I would highly recommend it! Maybe you could go halvsies with another couple and they could take the weeks that you're out of town?

    @mb: I was delighted by the herb garden too! I was thinking of repotting each of the plants in individual containers so they have room to grow.

  5. Love it- Organic honey is the best- I just wrote a post about the honey bee removal we did but I didn't mention that we're getting organic honey from our bee keeper.