New-Found Talents and Skills

I thought that birth would be the hard part, but really, any mammal can do that. It takes a special kind of mama to not eat her young when times get rough.

I have picked up some unexpected skills since becoming a mother. The top five are:

1. The Playboy Bunny Dip. You know...the oh-so-alluring half turn and backwards lean that the Bunnies do. I have found that in addition to allowing one to coyly not spill a tray of drinks, it also is helpful for not allowing one's infant's neck to flop around while picking up dirty dishes or laundry.

2. The ability to eat breakfast while spilling only a very small amount of poached egg or maple syrup on my son's head.

3. The willingness to lick off said poached egg or maple syrup.

4. The tolerance to listen to the same 4 songs a dozen times within any given 24 hour period.

5. The ability to mentally break down any project into 5 minute segments and to complete each segment with lightning fast precision in the time allotted.

It's been a tough few days. Steve and I take turns filling the roles of depressed-parent-who-thinks-our-son-doesn't-love-him/her-and/or-is-never-happy and the reassuring-parent-who-reminds-us-that-all-things-including-fussiness-are-temporary. Sometimes we feel like we're babysitting and we really wish this kid's parents would get home and pay us our 20 bucks so we can go and get a burger and talk about how that kid would. Not. Stop. Crying. But, that's cool 'cause our kids are never going to be that way, right?

And I'm on to my next 5 minute task...


  1. Oh, been there and done that - and I know you´ve probably heard "It will get better" a thousand times... But it really will.

    You still have your sense of humour though - considering the list..! :-D

  2. Today has been the kind of day that I find myself wishing I could "take off" this pregancy "suit" for a just a moment or two and be my old self (I promise I'll put it right back on!!). But people keep reminding me that one day, not too far from now, I will miss this moment in time. And so, I try to enjoy it, even the uncomfortable moments. You can do this and I'm sure you too, one day soon, will miss these moments! Good luck!

  3. This post was hilarious and EXACTLY how I have been feeling lately (including dropping and eating food off of P's head). She also has been pretty cranky whenever she is awake, and my husband has to continually reassure me that "no, the baby doesn't hate you. yes, she will be a cute happy baby soon enough".
    At least we can take comfort in knowing that we are not alone. Wishing you lots of Silas smiles and sleep-full nights!

  4. I loved this post! A sense of humor is a must when you're a parent~