Baby Resolutions

Photo by Steve

One month old today. How is that possible? Everyone says that this time is so fleeting and they are absolutely right. In this season of our lives together I resolve to:

Hold my little naked monkey baby close to my chest daily

Imprint the sleepy droopy eyes, the baby bird chomps, and his knuckled brow into my mind's eye forever

Make a mental recording of his weight-of-the-world wail

Push from my mind desires for sleeping through the night, schedules, and developmental milestones. We are here now, drinking it in.


  1. He is too cute!!! :) This is a great capture, I love his expression ~ so very adorable.

  2. Wow, that time did go fast! I don't know if you're planning on sharing your birth story, but I am curious about your experience since I'm planning a home birth in July. I'm also a little nervous, having just seen my sister's planned natural hospital birth turn into a c-section. It makes me extra anxious for stories of natural birth gone right!

  3. @Melissa: Birth story forthcoming! In the mean time, stay positive and have faith that you will have the birth that is best for you and for baby. I will be sending positive-home-birth vibes your way! :)

  4. Take pictures, you will forget, but new joys will take the place of the old. And they are just as bittersweet.